Paints for souvenir houses

Infinity Pro painting house newton
“It is no longer just about the aesthetics of a space, but how you feel about it,” said Patrícia
Fecci, marketing manager for Color & Design services for Sherwin-Williams paints. “People
want to feel safe and inspired to pursue their mental, physical and emotional well-being.”
Inspired by the heyday of the Art Deco style in the 1920s, Naval combines well with luxurious
finishes, such as marble and various metals, and helps to highlight items of exquisite design.
People are adopting a personality decoration, and Naval is the new accessible neutral that
allows the connection of all our desires.
The tone can also be used with natural materials, such as leather, vegetation and organic fiber
rugs, to create an oasis of tranquility in your home.
Furniture and decoration can be mixed in layers to play with volumes and shadows, or even
produce a minimalist look.
Suvinil brings Mantra, a color that packs small changes and reverberates beyond the individual.
We are faced with the chromatic sensation of a horizon that projects directly before our eyes
and in it we find a color that allows us to rest our eyes and thoughts.