What is latex paint?

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This paint can also be called PVA latex. Like acrylic, it is also water soluble and is easy to clean
if splashes occur while painting. However, as it does not have acrylic resin, the difference
between acrylic and latex paint is that the latter is not as resistant and waterproof, so its use is
not recommended for outdoor areas.
For daily cleaning, the recommendation is to use only a soft cloth with water and mild soap. It
is important to avoid more rustic and aggressive materials such as dowels, because latex is a
porous paint and these items can make the paint look a little worn out.
Another feature of this paint is its high yield. Although the exact numbers vary from brand to
brand, the average is 200 to 350 m2 per coat, diluted in 50% water. For a good coverage,
however, it is recommended to apply between 2 to 3 coats of paint.
In addition to these points, latex paint also features:
good durability;
mold resistance;
good spread;
little odor and color retention.
However, it only has a matte finish, so latex paint should not be used on top of glossy paints,
as the result will be unsatisfactory.