Three-phase induction motors with squirrel cage

Three-phase induction motors with squirrel cage type rotor are the most common electric motors in the industry. Essentially, this electric motor is composed of two parts, the stator being the magnetic circuit of the motor, generally of the grooved type, where the coils are housed which, by appropriate connection, produce the rotating magnetic field and the rotor, which is the winding consisting of bars (copper or aluminum). The current in the rotor circuit is induced by the action of the rotating field of the stator.

When the motor is energized, it functions as a transformer with its secondary short-circuited. In electric motors it is quite common to imagine that the mechanical power expressed in HP or CV has a direct relation with the speed of rotation of the motor timken 415082 , but this statement does not correspond to the real. Rotating characteristics are associated with other motor characteristics such as the number of poles and / or the frequency of the mains, when it is connected in alternating current. The amount of mechanical power is mainly associated with the torque that an engine can perform. The understanding of this greatness and its conversion of units is very important in the understanding of electric motors.