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Food is the most important and we will give you 50% importance. After all,
we left the house to eat and there is no reason to compromise on this
point. Right after that, the excellent accompaniment of the wine, the best
advice for a good dish. 20% is enough to give you the weight due in the overall
assessment. We should take a look at the environment (15%) and service (10%)
but do not be too judicious, we know that it is not easy to find good people and
it is good that the bulk of the budget goes to the quality of what we eat. Finally
and for a mere 5% of the final grade, the peace we find and the good we feel. It
should be 100%, but we have to be fair and between two perfect restaurants
this will certainly be a great element of differentiation. Looking for the best
restaurants during a trip? With all the technology that surrounds us, finding a
restaurant has never been easier. It has also never been so annoying.