Start Speed ​​Control

It is worth mentioning that an important way of regulating the speed of alternating current motors, allowing the speed axis, which can range from zero to twice the synchronous speed, is through a known rotor system with a commutator. of the brushes. When dealing with the change of speed in the induction motors, the possibility exists at the moment it is realized through the frequency inverter, which allows the control of the alternating current motor, and can thus vary the frequency, as well as performs the variation of the output voltage, in order to respect the characteristic of the V / F motor, which is the motor frequency voltage.

Thus, in the specific case of DC machines, the speed can be properly regulated by inserting a rheostat into the field circuit to provide flow adjustments. The connection of the motors to a public power grid must comply with the regulations established for this purpose. It is advisable to start a motor at the moment of full voltage, so that you can take full advantage of the starting torque.