A rotor of an electric motor is a set of windings that rotate inside the stator. A rotor is made of a core, rotor windings, locking rings, shaft and a fan for cooling. In the induction motors, which are the most used in the industry, the rotors have windings made of copper or aluminum bars placed find carter here round and closed by rings of the same metal. The rotor core strengthens the electromagnetic field generated by the rotor windings. The rotor core is layered (laminations) of steel sheets fitted to the rotor shaft.

The laminations have slits to ensure that the rotor windings fit securely around the core. The rotor windings are solid bars, usually made of copper or aluminum, short circuited by the rotor closing rings. These bars are fused into the slots within the rotor core forming a cage. When the current slides through the rotor windings, an electromagnetic field is generated. The electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic field generated by the stator windings to produce mechanical energy.