Famous fast-food chain, serving sandwiches to ready-made dishes, pasta & desserts.

The units have kids spaces and a colorful environment. Your unit on Avenida Paulista is
close to the Consolação subway. It serves authentic Spanish cuisine, with very famous
tapas and a commendable bread and pasta section. Among the dishes that are worth a
visit are steak chorizo, calf clams and paella del mar. Other highlights are the wines, with
a special menu selected by the two members of the house. The discreet door beside the
Consolação cemetery leads to an imposing environment that resembles a refined and
modern house. Here, the restaurantur Milton Freitas and the sommelier Alessandro
Tagliari offer their customers classic dishes of pastas, meats and fish and own recipes by
the Italian chef Antonio Maiolica, responsible for the kitchens at Antonietta, together with
chef Rafael Januzzi. To accompany all these flavors, Antonietta has a wine list with more
than 150 labels. On Avenida Paulista, inside shopping Center 3, it displays more than
80,000 clothes pegs that line the main ceiling, giving it an informal atmosphere. Dishes
range from varied cuisine at lunch and all-you-can-eat pizza at dinner. https://americanpastafactory.com/