Dishes Served in Italian Restaurants

Ravioli is one of the typical Italian foods that we have the habit of eating in Brazil. They are
mini pastries filled with different ingredients. They are cooked and the dough is made of egg
and wheat flour.
This dish was created in Sicily, in southern Italy, in the 12th century. Initially, ravioli was not
filled, but later it took on other forms and fillings, such as herbs, cheeses and meats.
To taste this delicious dish, look for a trattoria, which are simple and familiar restaurants, but
which serve delicious food.
Spaghetti is another Italian dish loved by Brazilians. It can be served with several different
sauces, but the most common is Ragú (red sauce with ground beef).
Did you know that this dish was actually created by the Arabs? That’s right. It was taken to
Sicily in the 9th century, which later became one of the most important centers for the
manufacture of pasta.
It is known as one of the typical foods of Italy, and is one of the most consumed dishes by
Italians. To be able to taste a good spaghetti in Italy, look for restaurants specializing in pasta
or trattorias. Restaurant italian in alpharetta