Acrylic – can be washed, ideal for outdoors and wet areas

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Types of house paints

Regarding water resistance:Super washable – used indoors and outdoors, very resistant to washes
PVA latex – ideal for dry and indoor areas
Epoxy – ideal for pool areas, close to water tanks, kitchens and bathrooms, as it has high
resistance to water and cleaning products.
Regarding the effect of color on the wall:
Semi-gloss – it is the brightest and will make the imperfections of the wall more evident, in this
case, use only on very smooth walls. The biggest advantage is the ease of cleaning, and
resistance to algae and fungi. Ideal for lighter colors, kitchen, laundry, garages and bathroom.
Matte – it is the most opaque and has a velvety appearance, which stains more easily and
becomes more difficult to clean. The advantage that more disguises the imperfections of the
wall. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, darker colors.
Satin – it is an intermediary between the two options above, it is not as shiny as semi-gloss and
not as opaque as matte, it has a light shine that makes it easier to clean and also makes the
room more elegant and cozy. Ideal for all colors and environments.